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FA Bake-a-thon for Allergy Awareness

Kelly Jo Hill

Kelly Jo Hill

As Food Allergy Awareness Week approaches (May 10th - May 16th), I've teamed up with (Food Allergy Research & Education) to raise much-needed awareness and funds to help continue their amazing work in supporting those with severe allergies.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many fundraising events have been postponed or cancelled, therefore many charities have been left struggling to maintain their services.

So, I've created a fun fundraiser that can get the whole family (& even some Besties) involved!

To participate in this year's FA Bake-a-thon, all you have to do is...
Bake, Donate and Nominate!

1. Bake your favorite Allergy-friendly sweet, treat or snack and post a picture online tagging @FoodAllergyBFF and @FoodAllergy along with the hashtag #FABakeathon.

2. Donate through the TeamFARE - FA Bake-a-thon page.

3. Nominate and tag other Food Allergy Besties to participate and help raise awareness of allergies!

Now pick out your favorite recipes and get your ingredients ready for Food Allergy Awareness Week! There's no limit to the number of Allergen-Free treats you can make, just be sure to post & tag your photos online to help create Food Allergy awareness!

We encourage everyone in the family to have some fun participating in this fundraiser... the more the merrier. Plus, you'll get lots of baking inspiration from Food Allergy friends posting their own delicious Allergen-Free goodies!


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