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SGWS Sapphire Off Upstate

SGWS Upstate Sapphire

SGWS Upstate Sapphire

Every three minutes, a food allergy reaction sends someone to the emergency room in the U.S. A life-altering and potentially life-threatening disease, food allergy affects 32 million Americans.

Right now, there is no treatment or cure for food allergy... but there is HOPE.

This hits home at our SGWS Family, as one of our Sapphire Off-Premise, Upstate, Area Managers has two children with multiple and anaphylactic-severe food allergies to milk, wheat, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts. This personal exposure has heightened our awareness to this disability, in which our SGWS family values can serve as the platform to help up raise additional awareness and funding for research and a possible cure.

On Friday, August 28, 2020, our Sapphire Albany-South Team will be walking 5 miles at Bear Mountain State Park, Route 9W North, Bear Mountain, NY 10911, with a goal of raising at least $3,000 for FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) to help them fulfill their mission to improve the quality of life and the health of individuals with food allergies, and to provide them hope through the promise of new treatments. Here’s how you can help:

Our goal is to raise as much money as possible in honor of the 32 million Americans with food allergies. Any amount helps, and when you donate, you help FARE to fund food allergy education programs, advocacy and awareness initiatives, and world-class research. Together, we can create a better future for all who are affected by food allergies!

501(c)(3) letter available, if needed.


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